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Is Miami A City Or County?

When talking about Florida, you might hear people referring to both Miami and Miami-Dade. So you might be wondering, is Miami a city or a county? Miami is a bustling city that is located in … Read more

Aerial view of city skyscrapers

Is Miami Hard To Drive In? +Driving Tips

Floridians have a reputation as being bad drivers. Some big cities, especially Miami, have a reputation for being on a whole different level in terms of driving, but is Miami hard to drive in? Driving … Read more

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Is It Hard To Drive In Tampa? +Driving Tips

Tampa is a beautiful and bustling city that has something for just about everybody. But getting around in a city can sometimes be challenging, especially in the absence of large-scale mass transit. So you might … Read more

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Is Tampa, Florida A Good Place To Live?

Located about halfway down the Florida peninsula, close to the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa is one of Florida’s finest cities. But despite the city’s reputation for good food, good weather, and good times, many may … Read more

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Is Orlando, Florida A Good Place To Live?

Florida is full of famous cities: Miami, Tampa, Daytona Beach, and Orlando are practically household names across the nation. Orlando is an especially popular city, with plentiful tourist attractions and a central location that just … Read more

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Is It Expensive To Live In Orlando? (+Costs)

Orlando is an appealing place to live. The balmy weather, endless entertainment options, and convenient location make it very attractive for people from all walks of life. But you may be wondering, is it expensive … Read more