Dark clouds on the horizon

Does Florida Have Seasons? (With Tables)

Florida is rumored to be a tropical paradise, a land of eternal sunshine and year-round balmy weather. Heck, we even have a license plate that says “Endless Summer” on it! But does Florida have seasons? … Read more

Publix store entrance

Why Is Publix So Popular In Florida?

Talk to anybody from Florida for a few minutes, and chances are they’ll mention Publix, Florida’s favorite grocery store. But why is Publix so popular in Florida? Publix’s commitment to quality and good customer service … Read more

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Is Florida Part Of The Caribbean?

Sunny shores, beautiful sandy beaches, and glistening blue waters are traits that define Florida — and also many of the islands of the Caribbean. But is Florida part of the Caribbean? Florida is not considered … Read more

Rocks on beach at Hobe Sound

What Part Of Florida Is The Treasure Coast?

Different sections of Florida’s coastline have fun and colorful nicknames. For example, the coastline near historic St. Augustine is nicknamed the First Coast; the coastline near the NASA and USSF launch facilities is known as … Read more

Cascades Park in Tallahassee

Is Florida Flat Or Hilly? +Where To See Hills

Florida is renowned for its beautiful beaches, phenomenal wildlife, interesting locals, and fun attractions. But you don’t hear much about the topography of the Sunshine State. For example, is Florida flat or hilly? Florida is … Read more

Tree branches overhang the calm water

Can You Boat The Entire Suwannee River?

The Suwannee River is a massive, long, and strikingly beautiful river that winds all the way from the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia down to the Suwannee Sound, just north of Cedar Key, Florida. But can … Read more