Swamp entrance sign

Is Corkscrew Swamp Part Of The Everglades?

Located about 30 minutes from Naples, the Corkscrew Swamp is a 13,450-acre nature preserve located in Southwest Florida. Corkscrew Swamp is mostly comprised of wetlands but is notable for having more than 700 acres of … Read more

Treasure Island Beach

What Is Treasure Island, Florida Known For?

Treasure Island: the name is evocative. We might imagine a place where pirates have hidden gold or an island studded with secluded beachfront huts. But what exactly is Treasure Island, Florida known for? Treasure Island, … Read more

Aerial view of Tampa Bay

What Is Considered The Tampa Bay Area?

When you’re talking about Florida, the Tampa Bay Area has probably come up in conversation. Of course, it has a reputation as a great place: one can find great beaches, exceptional shopping, fine dining, and … Read more