You have to admit it, Florida is a phenomenal state! And apparently, a lot of people, in addition to me, think so. In 2019 over 131 million travelers made the Sunshine State their destination of choice, spending days, weeks, and even months enjoying all that the state has to offer.

City skyline and beach front high rises

It is not only travelers that think Florida is phenomenal. Over 21 million people call this wonderful state home. With beautiful weather, fabulous white sand beaches to relax on, great food, and fantastic entertainment choices from theme parks, golfing, saltwater fishing, scuba diving to simply camping at a state park, you won’t get the least bit bored here.

Florida is home to a broad array of attractions, some famous and some you probably didn’t even know about. You can spend time snorkeling in the Keys, learn about space at the Kennedy Space Center, tour the Everglades on an airboat looking for crocs, or enjoy the fast-paced excitement of a race at Daytona International Speedway. The choices are limitless!

And in addition to all of this, the people here are incredible too. Can you believe that you can find all of this in one magnificent state? Well, you can.

Young manatees

Whether you live here, are a snowbird escaping the cold and snow, plan to move here at some point, or are a one-time visitor, you probably have questions about some facet of the state. I have created this website to answer questions you might have about Florida. I hope this site will be a valuable resource that you will keep coming back to – no matter which of the categories mentioned above you might be in.

Phenomenal Florida is here to help you discover places you might not have known of, delve further into the many areas of interest and activities available, as well as learn things you didn’t know about the Sunshine State. 

Now here’s a little bit about me. I enjoy traveling all over the great USA, sunny weather, and the outdoors. I consider myself to be optimistic, and I’m not too fond of crowds. My husband and I own a business, which we really like because you don’t have to run your life by other people’s time schedules, plus every day is a weekend. What’s not to like about that?

Florida flamingo

Some of my favorite things include eating homemade bread right out of the oven with real BUTTER, riding ATVs, hiking, and bird watching. So what is my least favorite thing to do? Mowing the yard and trimming the weeds. Some people find this chore enjoyable, yes they are out there, how do I know because they have told me! Don’t get me wrong, it all looks nice when it’s all done, but it so monotonous and is an incredible waste of time in my mind.

I have a propensity for making lists of things to do and then not being able to find the list. Lists really do help you accomplish more during the day, and marking off the items when done provides a lot of satisfaction, providing you know what you did with the list. And I have often been known to make a grocery list, forget it, and then have to call my husband from the store to give me the list. Can any of you relate to that?

Our home base is a farm out in the country (well, actually a former farm, since we don’t have animals anymore or grow any crops), and the best thing about it is the peace and quiet it provides. It is kind of like being on vacation, but it involves lots more work!

I hope you enjoy the site and learn something you didn’t know about Florida. So please bookmark Phenomenal Florida and keep coming back to read the new posts, and don’t wait any longer to explore this phenomenal state.