Treasure Island Beach

What Is Treasure Island, Florida Known For?

Treasure Island: the name is evocative. We might imagine a place where pirates have hidden gold or an island studded with secluded beachfront huts. But what exactly is Treasure Island, Florida known for? Treasure Island, … Read more

Does Florida Get Tornadoes?

Florida’s weather is mostly sunny and warm, but occasionally it likes to venture into the extreme. Heavy thunderstorms, microbursts, and of course, hurricanes are known to impact the state from time to time. But does … Read more

Multi colored sea glass

Can You Find Sea Glass In Florida?

Beachcombing is one of life’s little pleasures. The beaches in Florida make for excellent hunting, and beachgoers often find shells, bones, shark teeth, and other exciting things in the sand and surf. But what about … Read more

Key Largo and Key West signs

Is Key Largo Cheaper Than Key West?

The Florida Keys are one of the most beautiful and impressive places in the world. The unique islands, the gorgeous coastline, the fun, and relaxed local culture — the keys are an absolute treasure. But … Read more

City skyline and beach front high rises

Is Sarasota A Good Place To Live?

Lesser known than Miami or Daytona, Sarasota is a coastal city just south of Tampa. Right on the Gulf of Mexico and convenient to many great amenities, Sarasota seems like an underappreciated city. This leads … Read more

Lemon shark

Are There Sharks In Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay is a beautiful place that offers fun water activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and of course, beachgoing. The sunny weather and warm water make Tampa Bay a lovely place for people and creatures … Read more

Oranges on tree

Where Are Most Of The Oranges Grown In Florida?

Oranges are one of Florida’s most famous exports. The Sunshine State produces fabulously juicy, fresh, and delicious citrus fruits, most notably the humble orange. So, where are most of the oranges grown in Florida? Polk … Read more

Aerial view of Tampa Bay

What Is Considered The Tampa Bay Area?

When you’re talking about Florida, the Tampa Bay Area has probably come up in conversation. Of course, it has a reputation as a great place: one can find great beaches, exceptional shopping, fine dining, and … Read more