Group of Florida wild boar

Are There Wild Hogs In Florida?

Florida is home to absolutely incredible wildlife. While the Sunshine State is known for alligators, a variety of animals live here. Deer, cuddly woodland mammals, reptiles, snakes, birds, and even panthers wander in Florida’s vast … Read more

Swamp entrance sign

Is Corkscrew Swamp Part Of The Everglades?

Located about 30 minutes from Naples, the Corkscrew Swamp is a 13,450-acre nature preserve located in Southwest Florida. Corkscrew Swamp is mostly comprised of wetlands but is notable for having more than 700 acres of … Read more

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Why Is The Sunshine Skyway Bridge So Tall?

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge connects the Pinellas Peninsula and the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, to Terra Ceia. The bridge is an instantly recognizable icon of the Tampa Bay area, with its twin pylons reaching … Read more

The Okeechobee waterway

Can You Boat Across Florida?

Everybody knows that Florida is one of the best boating states in America. The state has 1,350 miles of navigable shoreline, and it is widely considered to be a boaters’ paradise. Of course, we all … Read more

Hentz Scorpion

Does Florida Have Scorpions?

Florida is known for all manner of critters: we have alligators, bears, snakes, sharks, big birds of prey… we have most everything here. But one creepy-crawly never seems to come up when talking about Florida: … Read more